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Movie Ideas?

This is what might be the 3rd installment of the Batman and Superman movie series:
3rd Batman for Nolan?
Warners and Legendary are both interested in doing a third in the series, but all involved say it will be up to Nolan to come to them with a story and a plan.
"There are a lot of us who emotionally would love to do it," Roven says. "But it's really Chris' call. Chris is the kind of filmmaker who just doesn't think about the next movie before he has completely finished the movie he is working on.
" For now, Nolan is taking a well-earned vacation.

Says Roven, "When he comes back, we will see how he feels."
Superman: Man of Steel Needs a Worthy Opponent:
Legendary Pictures producer Thomas Tull couldn't be more excited about the superhero films they're working on alongside Warner Brothers pictures, notably Superman: The Man of Steel. Tull spoke to Variety about the different superhero films Legendary has been working on, first addressing the r…

Best Games from Now to the End of 2008

Best games that will be released from now till 2008 (in order):
Prince of Persia 2008 - Dec. 2 (PS3 - Xbox 360)Destroy All Humans: Path of the Furon - Dec. 2 (360) Grand Theft Auto 4 - Dec. 3 (PC) Rise of the Argonauts - Dec. 16 (PS3 - 360) PlayStation Home - Dec. 20-31 (Undefined) (PS3...) Not a Game
Not many... I was really hoping for some awesome games to come out during Christmas... and we'll be seeing a HUGE rise in the console-selling business during Christmas... Santa's gonna have his hands full.

The Italian Man Who Went to Malta

Italian Man Who Went to Malta... so funny!

Japanese Manga Cars

This is probably the coolest set of cars an anime lover can have and they are all owned by one Yoshida San. Yoshida is a genius, an avid gamer, and the owner of AGE SOFT, a video game software house. I can’t believe how funky these cars look with the manga on it, I really like what he is done even though many will find it cheap and stupid, but in Japan they are beautiful.
Thank you!

You Think You Know Everything There Is In the New Xbox Live Experience?

We all know that the New Xbox Experience (NXE) is one of the greatest software the gaming industry has ever seen, i really liked the (not so unique) avatars because the fact that we can download new clothes is really amusing. The NXE came out about a week ago and we've had more than enough time to experiment and and learn about the new features. But did you know that if you let your avatar do weird things on the screen you can unlock new clothes and new looks! You can actually make your avatar burp the alphabets and smash his head on the screen!
Follow the link below to learn more about it!

Xbox Live Avatar Experience

Gears of War 2 Review

TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, is all I can say about this game.
It's soo much better than Resistance, and it's game play is sooo much harder you'll really feel like your fighting a war.

1. Sound Effects 10/10
Awesome the locust sound so cool, and the gunfire will blow your mind.
2. Graphics 10/10
You'll shit in your pants when you see the new bloodstains on your screen. (long live the lancer!)
3. Game play10/10
The Game play is awesome ,and cannot be defeated until maybe next year.
4. Storyline 10/10
It continues the story line of Gears of War 1 perfectly.
5. Multiplayer (Offline and Online) 9.5/10
Not so good because if you die once, you have to wait for the game to finish up to play again. Still it's a lot of fun if you can survive. Plus it has horde mode which is amazing for when you got friends over.
6. Weapons 10/10
Same weapons, more thrill because you use them every second.

Overall 9.5/10 ( Recommended)

Resistance 2 Review:

One of the most anticipated games in the world is out... exclusively on the PS3! Resistance 2 is a first person shooter and the sequel to a PS3 title with an alternate history of WWII. You'll play as Sergeant Hale, an infected solider fighting for his country against the alien Chimera, while fighting the disease inside him. This is how I'm going to break the review down:
Sound Effects
GraphicsGameplayStorylineMultiplayer (Offline and Online)WeaponsSound Effects: 8/10. The sound effects are one of the most realistic ever! A shotgun sounds like a shotgun, a pistol sounds cool when it goes through the flesh of a Chimera... just too bad most of the alien weapons sound the same!
Graphics: 9/10. They are too good to be judged. Everything looks so real and so vibrant, and it sucks you into the game as if you were the protagonist. Only one flaw... when you try to break glass by bashing it down... it only causes a small crack, it doesn't break like a realistic glass window. Plus... ki…

Sony Entertainment's New Christmas Ads

This is one of the ads of Sony's new campaign: Entertainment Unleashed, featuring new games and movies:-

This is one of the "Have You Started Your Wishlist" ads for the PS3:

Ever Heard of a Life!?

I know some people don't know what to do with their lives, but now I know for a fact that this girl doesn't have one! I also know that people go through the Pokemon phase once in their pathetic lives, but THEY EVENTUALLY GET OVER IT! Apparently she couldn't.