Resistance 2 Review:

One of the most anticipated games in the world is out... exclusively on the PS3! Resistance 2 is a first person shooter and the sequel to a PS3 title with an alternate history of WWII. You'll play as Sergeant Hale, an infected solider fighting for his country against the alien Chimera, while fighting the disease inside him. This is how I'm going to break the review down:

  1. Sound Effects
  2. Graphics
  3. Gameplay
  4. Storyline
  5. Multiplayer (Offline and Online)
  6. Weapons
  • Sound Effects: 8/10. The sound effects are one of the most realistic ever! A shotgun sounds like a shotgun, a pistol sounds cool when it goes through the flesh of a Chimera... just too bad most of the alien weapons sound the same!
  • Graphics: 9/10. They are too good to be judged. Everything looks so real and so vibrant, and it sucks you into the game as if you were the protagonist. Only one flaw... when you try to break glass by bashing it down... it only causes a small crack, it doesn't break like a realistic glass window. Plus... killing aliens look satisfying; their guts flying around, blood on the floor and especially when you get your screen bloodied. Its too awesome!
  • Gameplay: 9.5/10. The controllers where there to make it feel like a flow. Its not like in a middle of a battle, you want to throw a grenade then you accidentally hit the knife button and die! Everything is there to make the game go smoothly.
  • Storyline: 8/10. The storyline is great, but it doesn't give any emotion. Its full of action but the action itself if boring. The idea of an alternate history is great, but the way it expresses it is just not good enough.
  • Multiplayer: 10/10. Shooter games aren't complete without multiplayer. This is a great feature... up to 60 players online and 2 players split-screen offline for side missions in the storyline. Its intense, bloody, violent action between players. There are different online modes such as death-match, team death-match, capture the flag, etc... and all are awesome while playing with the different factions.
  • Weapons: 9.5/10. These are what you use to cause destruction, and Resistance 2 offers tons of them! There are the basic (shotgun, assault rifles, pistols, etc...) but there are also the alien versions of these (Wraiths, Bulleyes, Bellocks, etc...) all used to deliver the awesome action.
  • OVERALL: 9/10. If you like shooters, basically ANY shooter, and own a PS3 (who doesn't), Resistance 2 would be a classic and great addition to your games.


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