Gears of War 2 Review

TO GOOD TO BE TRUE, is all I can say about this game.
It's soo much better than Resistance, and it's game play is sooo much harder you'll really feel like your fighting a war.

1. Sound Effects 10/10
Awesome the locust sound so cool, and the gunfire will blow your mind.
2. Graphics 10/10
You'll shit in your pants when you see the new bloodstains on your screen. (long live the lancer!)
3. Game play10/10
The Game play is awesome ,and cannot be defeated until maybe next year.
4. Storyline 10/10
It continues the story line of Gears of War 1 perfectly.
5. Multiplayer (Offline and Online) 9.5/10
Not so good because if you die once, you have to wait for the game to finish up to play again. Still it's a lot of fun if you can survive. Plus it has horde mode which is amazing for when you got friends over.
6. Weapons 10/10
Same weapons, more thrill because you use them every second.

Overall 9.5/10 ( Recommended)


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