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I've had enough of the scenes that Kuwait cuts out of the movies... it gets really annoying after a few movies! I went to watch "The Day The Earth Stood Still", and the movie was awesome! It was filled with action and drama and everything fits to make one awesome movie! Only one thing is... I didn't have a very comforting time watching it due to a few distractions:
  1. There were a bunch of 9-year old boys who were with their mother to watch the movies. They kept screaming and shouting and laughing while hitting their seat lifters at each other... and the mother was just sitting there watching them and doing nothing! Plus, they weren't old enough to watch a PG-15 movie, especially since the mother wasn't giving them any guidance to begin with!
  2. The people sitting next to me were talking about girls, and I THINK they were trying to flirt with the girls in front of them, which started conversations... plus the guys came with their aunty, for some reason, and he kept whining on her, asking her, "Where's my Pepsi? Where's my skittles? Where's my...?" It was too frustrating.
  3. They cut too many scenes from the movie! There was a scene of a guy kissing a girl on the lips for about one second, before the girl left to wherever she was going, and they cut that one-second scene! And, when they were revealing the alien's body, they wouldn't let us completely see the body, since it was naked and they didn't want us to see the... you know what I'm talking about.
All I'm saying is that it could have been a much better experience if those minor things would have been adjusted, and that the Kuwaiti government should let us watch those little scenes that really don't make a big difference in our lives. 


Anonymous said…
whats with the picture?
just a picture of the avenus mall... what did u want me to put... popcorn?
UmmEl3yal said…
Excellent post. The problem is in both the goverment and the parents! If people do not rise to the responsibility then there is little the goverment can do :(
Anonymous said…
Popcorn is better yea!
Anonymous said…
LOL why did u put picture of popcorn?
-u know who
u said it was better! :p

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