The 360's Popularity Rises in Japan

You would think that most of the Japanese gamers own PS3s, since Sony originated from Japan. Both the 360 and the PS3 have been competitors since they first came out, but the 360 died in Japan. Now... it is on the rise again. Japanese game stores are making plenty of space for 360 games, and have added a few T.Vs to try out some games on the 360.

Lol! The PS3's been pushed to the corner where the DS is... and the Wii!

And this might just be Japan's most hardcore 360 gamer... he owns every 360 game and every limited Xbox 360 since it was released!


ps3 and xbox are the same the only difference is that ps3 has better graphics and xbox has halo and gears of wars and a few other cool games
ps3 has god of war, killzone, littlebigplanet and resistance, and like bioshock, other minor 360 exclusives will be ported to the ps3.

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