Xbox 360 Addicted Teen Shot Parents

Daniel Petric, a 17 year-old teen, shot his parents in the head, because they took away his Xbox 360 and Halo 3. It was said that it was ruining his social life and his education, and the parents thought it was best if they kept it away from him. He got so angry, that he shot both his parents in the head. His mother was instantly killed, but his father survived... right now, this boy is in court and is accused with first-degree murder. Only God knows what's in store for this stupid addict.


Anonymous said…
He should have used a chainsaw, that way killing them would be more fun
i always heard on the internet that people were die-hard fans of their consoles and games, i've just never heard real stories about them.
Gears of Ownage said…
loooooooooooooooool, good one kleenex!
Anonymous said…
WTF ppl are so addicted to x boox 360... i wonder why dont they get addicted to PS3??!!??!!!

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