Hong Kong!

Hey everybody! Im in Hong Kong right now, ill be back in 9 days. In the meantime, my friends will continue posting new things that you will hopefully enjoy. Right now, im using the computer in the hotel Intercontinental at Hong Kong, i dont think the computer its safe so ill change my password as soon as i go back home. The problem is we are not allowed to connect our cameras to the computer so im not able to show you the great pictures i've captured. As soon as i get back home at the 22nd of december ill post all the pictures and all the wierd restaurants i've tried in Hong Kong. So far, im having alot of fan and i cant wait to tell you all about it.

When i come back, ill write about:
1. AGS! The Asian Game Show! They will let us play all the demos of the new games coming out in 2009!
2. The modern toilet restaurant, yes, im actually going to check it out.
3. The largest Budah in the world! Im going to climb up 216 steps just to look at that marvelous statue!
4. And finally im going to write about all the exotic restaurants and the new gadets i bought from Hong Kong.

So please everybody, dont forget to check on this website daily or every two days to learn lots of new things about whats going on in the world around us. Dont forget to visit this website at December 24th to learn all about my experiences and adventures in Hong Kong!


Glad your having a great time ,and don worry about us back home we're doing fine.
Can't wait for those photos!
7a6'ic u get to play all those demos... but ur in hong kong... so ur line would probably have like 100 people in it... how long are the conventions?

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